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What is Graphology?

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is the art and science of assessing, understanding and identifying personality traits and characteristics of a person from their handwriting and signature.

Graphology reveals a person’s nature and character quite accurately. Hence it is used in any application where a person’s personality needs to be analyzed. One of the major applications of Graphology is in child development and clinical psychology. It is recognized throughout Europe and the US as an accurate and reliable tool for personality and character analysis. It is a subject for psychology students in many universities. In today’s competitive business world, the biggest global corporations seek the services of handwriting analysts to understand the personality traits of their job candidates. Until some years ago, the use of Graphology was limited only to forensic labs.

Your writing holds a key to your success

 We have always known that every human being has a unique handwriting. With meticulous research we have come to the understanding that it is as distinct and unique as our fingerprint. But what not everybody knows is that our handwriting is also a map into our personality, our thinking, and our proclivities. And that character map is interesting because to the trained eye it lays bare the easy steps to change some things about in your life. Quite literally, a skilled and sensitive graphologist can help chart a map to your success.

Get Graphology to work for you

Graphology is the analysis of handwriting in an attempt to determine your personality traits. The understanding of your own true personality helps you identify and solve problems with ease. An analyst makes this self- discovery possible. Counselling and handwriting therapy is then the next step to deal with several vexing life issues

A skilled graphologist will analyze and offer the opportunity of Personal Insight. Besides, knowledge of handwriting styles helps to understand one’s own personality and nature. It enables a finer perception of Human Behavior. To gain a deeper understanding as to why people behave and respond the way they do. Significantly, this will indeed help in fostering healthy and happy relationships in our personal and professional lives.