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It’s been two decades since my journey with children and their parents began. I have been a silent observer of parents seeing off a two-year-old on his very first journey to school and of those who pick their 10th Grader up from school. I have seen parents beginning to get disappointed in their kids with increasing classes as the marks began to dip. Both children and their parents have taught me many life lessons. I have grown both as a mentor and as a person over the years. I repeat once again what I have been saying to parents over and over again, I do not blame children for what they may have become or the behavioral issues they may show as a teen. Somewhere the school, the teachers, the parents, and the society are all responsible for making the child what he is.

When I began my career as a Graphologist, little did I realize the extent to which it would help me handle the children who come to me for counseling. My knowledge as a graphologist makes me more sympathetic and understanding of the needs of a child. It makes me see right through the child sitting in front of me. Most importantly, it quickly helps me to connect with the child and have his faith. Raman, studying in Grade 10th was brought to me for lying and other behavioral issues with teachers and classmates. His handwriting revealed a child wounded from childhood; a child who had only received criticism. He grew up criticizing and hating the world, in turn, he said, “Never has anyone understood me like this before”. That is the reason I say I do not blame the children. There is so much that has led to defiance or rebellious behavior.

Ragini, in Grade 9th, was given up by her parents and teachers. Both thought she was just not interested in studying. She did not practice enough. The moment she held the pen before me, I realized that she was an outstanding student, who just did not want to write down what she already knew; what she thought was boring. She was not made for the academic system that catered to all in the same way. Also, she was a visual learner, a fast learner who did not like repetitions. All this from one handwriting sample!

Graphology has helped me help these children who would have been discarded by society and given labels. A little help, a little understanding, and the right guidance make these children stand up in their own eyes. I thank my mentors for giving me this gift of reading a person so accurately and making a difference in so many lives.

“I like the process of pencil and paper as opposed to a machine. I think the writing is better when it’s done in handwriting”Anonymous